I am a photographer who used to cover music and do shoots for advertising. Now I travel often, doing my very own non-commercial projects. 
I am fascinated by beautiful melodies telling me sad stories. And so are my pictures. People who struggle. People at the bottom of the ladder.        
In a beautiful world.
As a photographer I am the observer, searching the nature, the unique, the truth, the myths, the desired facts. I see greed, pride, lust / fornication, envy, gluttony, wrath, laziness. And I see wars between people, nations and countries.                           
   And the need for survival.
And it is not magical realism. Or surrealism.
 It is our real enchanting world. We could make the earth a paradise. But look at what we do.
   And we fear the truth. 

            "It's a Sad & Beautiful World."

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